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We bring the best and most needed physical therapy services to the island.

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Our Mission

Our unique mission is to bring specialty care to Kailua Kona.


We understand that great rehabilitation should focus on overcoming daily challenges that you the individual encounter each day.


Our Services

 Our Specialties Include


Compensation Injuries

Vertigo Treatment &
Balance Training


Home Safety

Strength &

Our Team

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Dr. Brett Carey, DPT, CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Brett has spent his entire career on the Hawaii Island practicing in both Hilo and Kona.


He is known for creative approaches to rehabilitation using minimal to no equipment and placing a heavy emphasis over injuries. He views injuries as opportunities for individual growth and improvement – both physically and mentally. He embraces working in a rural community and sees patients ranging from young keiki to senior kapuna. He has helped create app based technology that is used worldwide to give individuals access to physical therapy in countries where such services do not exist.


Dr. Carey is a tireless philanthropist and assists with the efforts of several community based nonprofit groups. He is a member of the March of Dimes Hall of Fame and is a recipient of Old Dominion University’s prestigious Outstanding Alumnus Award.

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Dr. Katelyn (Kate) LaPak, DPT

Kate earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Hofstra University and then pursued her Doctor of Physical Therapy at Washington University in St. Louis. She spent a clinical rotation at the Life Care Center in Kona and fell in love with the community and active lifestyle.


Upon graduation, Kate moved to Hawaii with hopes of providing exceptional care to local athletes and weekend warriors. She has completed continuing education in running analysis, weightlifting, and selective functional movement assessment (SFMA). She is glad to call Kona her home and hopes to continue treating and educating the community to help patients move better and feel better.

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Bintei Bailey, PTA

Professional bio coming soon.

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Brian J. Mello, President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mello believes Hawaii island has long deserved the best healthcare resources possible. Knowing the island experiences budget shortfalls and high provider turnover, he employs creative solutions to ensure that Kama’aina high school and college age students are put first. He seeks to create opportunities for young locals interested in becoming physical therapists to return home within the communities that raised them.


Brian works in both the Hawaiian and Mid-Atlantic regions pursuing vast and varied resources; believing in the traditional values of: Kūlia i ka nu’u prestigious / seeking to create the highest benefit for our unique communities.

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a patient demonstrating a castprint product

More Information

 Learn more about CastPrint

Kalo Physical Therapy Multispecialty Group is an exclusive partner with CastPrint.



Traditional methods of splinting can be painful and inaccurate. 3D scanning and 3D printing ensure consistent, perfect fits of all splints and casts. 3D printed casts are great for children, athletes, and anyone that wants the freedom to get their arm or hand wet while still healing. 3D printed casts and splints are waterproof, 3x stronger than traditional casts, and are approximately 85% lighter in weight and certainly more comfortable than plaster casts!


All cast and splints are made with biodegradable materials. These materials will biodegrade if left in a compost bin for longer than 6 months. Best of all, these casts and splints are 100% covered by insurance!


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We do not accept appointment changes online. To modify or cancel your appointment, please call us.